About Us

“Vasilka – Agency of cleanliness” EOOD is established in 1995, as a natural continuation of the experience of its leaders in the person of the manager Vladimir Vladimirov, who have been working in the field of cleaning services since 1989.

The main object of its activity is “Complex cleaning” of administrative buildings, manufacturing workshops, storehouses, offices, hotels and etc. The activity “Complex cleaning” includes services in the area of “Thoroughly Cleaning”, “Maintenance of cleanliness” and “Specialized cleanings”.

"Vasilka – Agency of cleanliness” EOOD, we work with:

Guarantee for the quality of the offered services.

The ecologically clean products that we use, are adding renewed look and nice scent to all kind of cleaned floorings, furniture and glasses.

A number of representative sites in the capital city and in the country - our long-standing clients, are guarantee for a conquered position in this sphere of work.

Агенция за чистота