“Vasilka - Agency of cleanliness EOOD" is covering a large range of services from the activity “COMPLEX CLEANING”, which includes “THOROUGHLY CLEANING” and “Maintenance of cleanliness”.

1. The purpose of the services from “THOROUGHLY CLEANING” is extracting of the deeply-penetrated contaminations with the appropriate cleaning means, specialized machines and tools.It is done minimum 2-4 times a year for loose areas and 4-6 times for busy areas. See more

2. The technology of the service “Maintenance of cleanliness” includes services that are necessary for maintaining the floorings at the most fresh look and for keeping of their amortization, in that way we elevate the level of cleanliness. It is done at your own convenient time, while the count and periodicity are at your desire... See more

The services are done by specialized cleaning machines, tools, preparations, products and vehicles – they are property of “Vasilka”- Agency of cleanliness EOOD and by staff on high professional level.

If you are interested in more specific information about our capabilities, in the above indicated services as well as in other abilities, we are ready, accordingly to your desires, to different variants on the volume and the nature of work.

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